Who are we?

F for Lynda Ferland in the profession for 23 years, responsible for site inspections, quality control, marketing and supported by her expertise in the choice of materials and design of our model units.

A for Émanuel Labrie Aumais in the profession for 18 years, started in after-sales service department, promoted as project manager and now Vice-president, development and acquisition. Its requirements, its expertise combined with its potential and dynamism bring new wind to this new association, making it a key partner in the new company FAA Construction inc.

A for Raymond Allard, whose reputation is well established, and who had the generous idea of ​​sharing his knowledge and know-how with the next generation. During all his years of accumulating expertise, he has been able to refine the quality of his constructions with the result of an undeniable reputation for superior quality construction.

This new company relies on the same dynamic team whose work, carried out according to the rules of the art, is a common vision with Habitations Raymond Allard.


What do these two entities have in common, other than Raymond Allard?



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Partners who will be proud to realize your residence and thereby meet your expectations.