Housing project
in Saint-Lazare

The Place Verdé project from HRA located in the City of Saint-Lazare, a city renowned for its country charm and concern for the environment. Surrounded by mature trees and calm, this project will charm you. Minutes to major urban centers, grocery store, shopping center, medical and dental center and others.


Name: Christina DeMontigny
Phone: (514) 892-1529
Email: cdemontigny@allardmenard.com


Name: Charles Lenoir
Phone: 5142449676
Email: clenoir@allardmenard.com

logo HRA 236x105 - PLACE VERDÉ

Opening hours

Monday to Wednesday on appointement only

Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm

Project location

1641, des Tourterelles, Saint-Lazare

Available models

Tradition I

Winslow II

Colonial II